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Attic Work Space

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Attic Work Space

Today's the first day this week when i've woken up to the sound of rain pouring down the windows and bouncing onto the ledge. This long British summer we've been having has been wonderful but these little interludes of coolness are oh so welcome. 

When we moved into our new house we repurposed the two rooms in the attic conversion as work spaces for my husband who also works from home and myself. I opted for the smaller, 'cuter' room, with the original iron mantle piece and built in shelving and Jonny was left with the larger room to accommodate his big assed computer monitor. However, since we've been experiencing this unusual heat wave over the past few weeks i've been forced to work from the living room from what we call my 'lazy station'... 

The lazy station consists of everything you need at a typical functioning desk, I managed to find this fold away contraption for my laptop that has a rest for my Wacom and everything for £20 on eBay and in honesty I want to work from the sofa FOREVER! I've fallen in-love with my little set up, but getting distracted by the endless crap that's on daytime tv is pretty difficult and afternoon naps are far too tempting. So the decision was made that it'd move into Jonny's office and use mine as a store room. There's plenty of space in here for the pair of us and the two dogs, double Velux windows and views of across Haworth, I don't know why I didn't insist on working from here to start with?! 


The begonia in the back yard is growing flowers out of control, so i've been taking cuttings and placing them in vases allover the house. The eucalyptus out back has now grown to the stage where I can start cutting it back too, I bought the lovely vase above from LifeStory in Edinburgh when we were there a couple years ago, the Marimekko plate was a wedding gift from our friends Chris & Becs and the Amber & Moss candle (which smells divine and I highly recommend you filling your house with their scents) is from P.F Candle Co. The gorgeous handmade velvet cat is by the wonderful Savannah May who owns Sleepy King and makes these beautiful creatures from her home in California. 


Don't get me wrong, Jonny and I don't spend all day in each others pockets, things get stressy, deadlines creep up, the dogs bark, but for the most part we enjoy each others company and we're pretty laid back with both using our home as our office.