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Big Barn Wedding Bash - Barn Tour

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Big Barn Wedding Bash - Barn Tour

Let's take a little tour around the barn, it took a little work to get it ‘bash’ ready, but Jonny and I were pretty pleased with how all the planning came together on the day! On the Friday when we arrived we had the laborious task of removing all the permanent furniture from the barn, including ping pong tables and old wobbly chairs. Thanks to our amazing friends and family who came to lend a hand this was done before lunch ahead of the furniture we'd hired being delivered that afternoon...


We hired the tables and folding chairs from Blue Sky Event Solutions, who are based locally to our current home in Skipton keeping delivery and collection fees low. Offloading and setting up was super straight forward with all hands available pitching in. The cotton DYLIK table cloths were from IKEA and cost £7 each, cheaper than making our own or hiring from a supplier, plus we’ve got a line up of pals getting married who we can now lend them to! 

We hired 80 metres of pretty white festoon lights from York based events company Fabulously Finished. They really brought the space together beautifully and made the stripped back barn a lot more inviting for guests to relax and enjoy themselves in.


For the table displays my mother-in-law planted up lots of second hand mid-century tea cups it’d collected with small succulents, along with some pale pink Alberte cups from Mauds House. I displayed pillar candles on some single candelabra’s it’d found for £2.50 each in B&M Bargains and simply repainted with the same coffee coloured emulsion it’d used for the signage boards.  Smaller pillar candles I put in Alberte bowls also from my shop, as well as some tea lights dotted around in recycled jars Kay had collected.  The candles I bought from IKEA and HEMA

The flowers I bought at wholesale which were delivered on the Friday afternoon. Unfortunately half of the order which included the astilbe,  antirrhinum, craspedia, roses and more had been sent to the wrong customer and to my horror one of the boxes I received had all the wrong flowers in it! Thankfully it wasn’t a total disaster despite my initial despair as one of the boxes which was delivered had plenty enough foliage to fill the milk churns, vases and other smaller vases. I used lots of eucalyptus, chrysanthemum santini in orange and pink, tanacetum and solidago. I managed to rescue some of the flowers delivered by accident too and my lovely cousin Selina ran out to Keelham Farm Shop for some last minute blooms to add some subtle pink tones which were needed to lift the greenery. 

We hired two large milk churns to create large displays at the front of the barn which came out really well for a first attempt! We used oasis foam to keep the flowers sturdy and in place. We had lots of compliments from guests asking who’d done our flowers which was a huge compliment especially considering the missing flowers and limited timescale we had to decorate the space. 


I decided to create two large polaroid displays using some plywood boards I had from an old shop counter. I painted them with emulsion and using a staple gun attached twine for the photographs to hang from on small wooden pegs. We made sure to include lots of photos of my dad as as well as other family members who couldn’t be with us such as Jonny’s grandmother who also passed away recently. It was a really lovely focal point where guests enjoyed spending time reminiscing fond memories. In this zone we also had the guest book and a couple of vintage wooden crates it'd picked up from a salvage fair in Ripley last Spring for any cards to be left in. I also brought my bridal bouquet from the Thursday that sat in a pink vase from my shop for friends and family to see before it had completely flopped! 


In the rear corner of the barn we set up a 'party food' table which opened up in the evening for tipsy guest! On the Friday my lovely aunties and a few friends all sat round a table in the sun making peachy paper pom poms for me to create a display inside. They really helped to zone out the space and added some much needed colour into this lofty barn. We also used the paper poms to frame the stage area where in the evening our DJ set up, again creating specific areas of interest.

Before we get talking about the wedding cake of absolute dreams (we'll talk food in another post), let's chat more pom poms! I enlisted Kay and father-in-law Colin in pom pom making and between the three of us we made enough wool pom poms to fit a paddling pool! I threaded ribbon through each pom and then attached to a curtain rod I picked up from Boyes for about £3. This then made for a worthy display area for the work of art that was the wedding cake! 

All the signage was hand painted by myself using a pretty simple method. I used old cuts of chipboard and plywood left over from a shop refit then painted in a coffee coloured emulsion so each board was uniform. Then when dry transferred some lettering using carbon transfer paper which traditionally tattooists use. Once transferred on I used Posca paint markers in a brown and peachy pink colour to fill in the letters. They turned out great and tied everything in together perfectly whilst directing guests effectively where needed. 


If you're interested in any step-by-step tips on anything mention on the above just comment below!