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Big Barn Wedding Bash - The Bridesmaids

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Big Barn Wedding Bash - The Bridesmaids

There’s no wedding without bridesmaids right?! I’m pretty blessed with some seriously wonderful friends and making 7 of those special people bridesmaids has been one of the main highlights of this wedding journey. Here’s a little info about who joined my side...

  Left-Right: Alicia, Francesca, Orla, Maria, Hattie, Jonny, Rachel, Tallulah, Lauren.

Left-Right: Alicia, Francesca, Orla, Maria, Hattie, Jonny, Rachel, Tallulah, Lauren.

Francesca - Maid of Honour: There was no doubt when I got engaged who this position would go to, because well, she’s my sister and above all else she’s my best friend and partner in crime. We’re mostly inseparable, but since her boyfriend Tim’s been on the scene i’ve learnt to share!

Alicia - Bridesmaid: This cheeky gal i’ve known since the tender age of 7 when we met at primary school in Blackburn where we formed a strong and unbreakable friendship which is now 20 years strong. She keeps me on my toes and is one of the most loyal and generous people I know. 

Lauren - Bridesmaid: Lauren met Alicia and I at secondary school in the early noughties, we’ve shared many adolescent adventures together and too many house parties, wine times and hungover sofa days!  This beautiful lady is always up for a laugh and is infectious to be around.

Tallulah - Bridesmaid: This beautiful human is my cute Cornish cousin, Jonny and I were down in Cornwall when we got engaged and celebrated with Tallulah and her wonderful family of loveable eccentrics. Now 18, this clever mathematician has the world at her feet and the brightest future ahead!

Maria - Bridesmaid: My Polish wife and loyal friend. I met Maria when working with her boyfriend Andy at a design studio in Leeds. 5 years down the line I can’t imagine a world without this beautiful human, her witty tales, wicked sense of humour and kind heart.

Rachel - Bridesmaid: Years ago Rach and I met working for the same design studio in Leeds and since day one she’s been like a big sister to me, always looking out for my best interest, supportive of all my decisions and whatever life throws at me, she's always been there to offer her priceless advice when i’ve needed it most. 

Orla - Bridesmaid: Orla owl is my much adored little cousin. With an abundance of sass and a heart of pure gold, i'm lucky to have this wonderful soul in my life - she lights up any room and i'm shamelessly proud of everything she's achieved in her 9 years on this earth! 


The gorgeous blush pink bridesmaid dresses are French Connection via ASOS, now out of stock you can still find them in certain sizes on Amazon HERE. I absolutely love the contemporary cut but floaty feminine finish of these dresses which looked perfect on across all 6 of the bridesmaids who wore it. The brief for footwear was metallic, specifically warmed toned metallics like gold, bronze, rose gold etc. 

Orla's coral aztec dress I found on Wild & Gorgeous - if you're looking for either formal or informal bridesmaids dresses for young girls they have a great selection of dresses and accessories. The pom pom headband was handmade by myself using a small pom maker, strong adhesive all purpose glue and a plain headband, this finished the look perfectly, tying in the colours used across the peachy/nude theme we had for the wedding.