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On Repeat - #1

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On Repeat - #1

I discovered Julia Jacklin’s new track ‘Body’ the other day and probably rinsed it of 15 listens all in one afternoon. Beautiful as ever.

Directed by julia jacklin and Nick Mckk
Edited by Nick Mckk


the police met the plane 

they let you finish your meal 

I know you'd like to believe it baby 

but you’re more kid than criminal

just a boy who could not

get through a domestic flight 

without lighting up in the restroom

got caught, cloud of smoke, thumb still on the light 

you looked so proud 

couldn't wait to call a friend

we had to fly back home 

never got the money back for that weekend

right there on the Sydney tarmac I

threw my luggage down

I said I’m gonna leave you 

I’m not a good woman when you’re around  

that’s when the sound came in

I could finally see

I felt the changing of the seasons

all of my senses rushing back to me 

go your own way 

watch me turn my own head  

eyes on the driver, hands in my lap 

heading to the city, to get my body back 

I remembered early days

when you took my camera 

turned to me, 23, naked on your bed looking straight at ya

do you still have that photograph 

would you use it to hurt me?

well I guess it’s just my life

and it’s just my body 

I guess it’s just my life 

and it’s just my body x4